The Importance of Dream

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The importance of dream

How could she survive from adversities again and again?

It is hard to remain clam after reading the novel, Memories of Matsuku, a story of a woman’s lifetime.

Most of us attach great importance to dreams and know that dreams gave meaning to life. Every great achievement has attributed to dream. If a person has a dream and holds fast to it, he or she will find a way to bring it into reality. Matsuku has set a good example for it.

She, Matsuku, had a good time when she was young and until she became a teacher in a middle school. Nevertheless, then she was misconstrued that she stole money. From this time on, she came through some tragedies in the rest of her lifetime.

She wanted love, so she paid her all trust and hope to her lover. No matter how he was poor or jobless, she desired to love others and even she was not loved.

She wanted to be rich, so she worked very hardly and conscientiously. No matter how difficult and hopeless the jobs were,she was ever kept in prison, she tried her best to reduce her penalty. And she learned hard to be a cosmetologist.

After being released from the prison, she still tried keeping good figure and earning money to realize her dream in future. At that time, she was beyond 40 years old. When she was 53, her found that all her dreams were broken. Her headteacher drove her away from school. The man who loved her didn’t protect her. The man who she loved committed suicide. The man who was her friend cheated her. Even the man whom her only hope was put on left her. And in the end, his brother broke off all relations with her, and her dear sister died of illness.

That the fate brought her a lot of bad luck let her down again and again. However, she started to forget love, she remembered she was a cosmetologist, no matter what her world was, and she could find the reason to live on.

In Matsuku’s whole life, she knew what she wanted, she tried to achieve her dream. Even there were too many things didn’t go as hope, she always kept wished and had optimistic attitude towards her love and future. She knew where her life should go, what the meaning of life was, which was why she could come out from every difficulty.

The dream does not only exist in stories, many of us would be confused sometimes. When we need to make choices, we should know what we want to do, but not only what we can do. Dream, exactly will be our guiding star, it can tell us the best direction.

How about if we don’t know what we want? That is terrible. As a famous movie actor, Stephen Chow said, what difference does it make between salty fish and people who had no dream?

Recently, a popular film based on a true story, called Go Away, Mr. Tumor. The protagonist who had a deadly disease used her rest time of life to cheer others, to cartoon, to conceit falling love with the handsome doctor. Everyone can get power from her optimistic smile and dream. She tells us no matter how bad life is, no matter what future is going to be, we can always find something to plan. It is ambition that brings hope and meaning to every second of life.

Under the leading of dream, we will go ahead and enjoy our lifetime.

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