The chaos on March

By in Essays on 2016年3月5日


What a wonderful world!

But I am on March.

Many things are entangled. I have to let me work well done, so that my boss won’t press me hard. I have to read the books I bought last month, because I must learn more for my project. And I have some codes to write for my client, even if I don’t want to do outsourcing any more.

Those were bad days when I had a headache and snivel, but I were busy with work, at the same time, my friends asked me to hang out! Oh, I want to play badminton with them if it was not that cold outside! You know the blue sky is the most beautiful scenery in Beijing!

I know all will be fine. Anyway, my cold has gone.

I am a bit anxious, but not clear what to do. Aha? Why do I have this feeling?

My mind is in chaos, March is great time to relax, is it? I should be outside, flying a kite, taking photos. Not in office.

Well, my friend, if you are feeling anxious, don’t be afraid, that just because it is March, the chaos is only an illusion.

In fact, all are going well.


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