Do you love the world

By in Photos on 2017年5月2日

Do you love the world?

It is a complicated question.

We enjoy or hate something.

We care or ignore something.

To find the factor of any happened.

To trace back the source of any feature.

What is it?

We forget many things of many years ago.

We build the system of interactivity.

So the behaviors are getting similar.

To execute very thing in own mind.

To control determinations.

No way.

Never a thing is to be determinant.

We have an agreement with fate.

No mater living or death.

No mater love or hate.

It’s dramatic that the only we can do is trying matching which is prepared.

The trees are complicated as the title.

We read histories.

We learn application technologies.

We find regulations.

However not everyone knows all.

So the black box tells failures.

There are many people are luckily meet the road.

Else not.

We have missed a lot chances then we recognized.

Seems we go a random direction.

Save it.

We create many nice dreams.

A decorated room.

A shelf with books.

A story from ancient ages.

A picture based on daydream.

Hopping them be fine.

Keeping them carefully.

Fearing they would be broken.

They are the tiny wishes we have in the deep heart.

Please please.

Do not take them away.

They are the only staying with.

Going through the dark times.

Enjoying the lonely segments.

What if what if.

What if they are gone.

How to trace back?

How to rebuild.

There won’t be a second courage.

Please please.

Feared leaving.

Please please.

Obey the fate.

Please please.

Don’t enslave the love.

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