Do you love the world? It is a complicated question. We enjoy or hate something. We care or ignore something. To find the factor of any happened. To trace back the source of any feature. What is it? We forget many things of many years ago. We build the system of interactivity. So the behaviors are

It’s the end of 2016, I have worked for a whole year without an vacation. Really miss my family and old friends. I am not a kid anymore, They call me young man or sir. My parents push me to get married, that’s really really annoying. I want to have my own time for several years,

A colorful and warm house. A big swimming pool besides bedroom. Hmm, watching a movie with family. Have some coffee. Play cards with friends. Study and reading. Relax in bedroom.   This shall be a cool life style.

What a wonderful world! But I am on March. Many things are entangled. I have to let me work well done, so that my boss won’t press me hard. I have to read the books I bought last month, because I must learn more for my project. And I have some codes to write for my

Many things did not go smoothly. I feel sad. This year I am 24 years old. They say I should wear a red underwear to exorcise evil spirits. Anyway it is a Chinese traditional behavior. I didn’t wear a red underwear. I did meet many troubles. It’s okay. I am not afraid. Because I am saving

How could she survive from adversities again and again? It is hard to remain clam after reading the novel, Memories of Matsuku, a story of a woman’s lifetime. Most of us attach great importance to dreams and know that dreams gave meaning to life. Every great achievement has attributed to dream. If a person has

  It’s easy to make living, but not easy to enjoy. We all always spend much time on studying, working and doing research. Sometimes we are feeling tired, boring and hopeless. Is that growing up not meaningful? Never. However, all aspects of our life should be satisfied. You are a good painter, you also need travelling.